This is me a few years ago outside an AA meeting. I grew up in a large family with five brothers, spent ten years in the US Army traveling the world and was a business owner for fifteen years. I was a success in many things over the years but I had a problem, I drank too much and that lead me to other mind altering substances such as cocaine which I fell in love with. I ended up indigent, living in a house with no utilities, eating at the soup kitchen and locked in bathroom most of the day with my drugs of choice. I was extracted from my house one day by law enforcement officers which started my journey back to sanity and recovery. I spent a month in a VA Hospital and the next year in aftercare counseling. I joined Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous and worked the 12-steps with a sponsor. I, in turn, sponsored others and facilitated meetings at behavioral health units and transitional living homes and churches.  I am now back in college studying to become a counselor.